Software Architecture – How to approach ( A simplistic view) – Part 1

While architecting software systems all we have to do is what will change and what will be static. What can be enhanced and what can be removed. I find this principle at the core of Design Patterns. Whatever can change (and this question needs to be answered on regular basis) one needs to put itContinue reading “Software Architecture – How to approach ( A simplistic view) – Part 1”

Software architecture and it’s importance

This post is about understanding architecture of an application and it’s role in web application development. I have worked in various domains writing softwares. All of us know that although developing software for each business domain throws new challenges and their needs differ vastly but there are many tools and systems which are used commonlyContinue reading “Software architecture and it’s importance”

Apache Camel – Why you should learn?

Recently I encountered a problem related to integration with some third party APIs. These days it is pretty common to outsource some activity for a company, integrating with social networking website, integration with third party tools installed on company premises. These tools can be built on various technologies and integration between different component becomes anContinue reading “Apache Camel – Why you should learn?”