Vert.x Cluster

Vert.x is an extremely simple event based, non blocking,  library for distributed computing that can be easily embedded in any Java framework of your choice. For sometime now I have been exploring Vert.x. I was looking for a vert.x cluster sample but I did not find any decent example so I decided to share thatContinue reading “Vert.x Cluster”

Not so many reasons Why C++ sucks..

Coded in C++ for 5 years so would apologize in advance. But this is just my opinion. Do I want to start a language war? You bet. – Pointers suck – Memory management sucks – Function Pointers yeah they do – goto statements sucks – Friend Functions sucks – static initialization sucks – Macros SuckContinue reading “Not so many reasons Why C++ sucks..”

Web Application Scalability Part-3 ES vs Redis

Its 3rd article in Web Scalability..Today I am looking at various projects going on in Indian Start ups and I am thrilled by variety of technologies being used. While this sounds good at the same time I feel we are unable to utilize core strengths of technologies used. Their usage in architecture will always be dependentContinue reading “Web Application Scalability Part-3 ES vs Redis”