Not so many reasons Why C++ sucks..

Coded in C++ for 5 years so would apologize in advance. But this is just my opinion. Do I want to start a language war? You bet.

– Pointers suck
– Memory management sucks
– Function Pointers yeah they do
– goto statements sucks
– Friend Functions sucks
– static initialization sucks

– Macros Suck
– headers files sucks? If you don’t know then don’t can live without knowing them
– Multiple Inheritance sucks
– Diamonds suck
– Interfaces? Sorry C++ doesn’t have them so they can’t…
– reinterpret_cast I think they do suck
– Compilation suck
– Makefile suck

– Threading? sorry what? oh yeah use PThreads or boost..What is boost? some other day man..long story

– Templates? so complex they deserve 10 posts like this as they just don’t suck they suck bigtime.You think you know them? solve a simple puzzle and see if you knew the answer already

C++ Inheritance Puzzle

Did I mention it was a simple one..people interested in knowing them in detail read
alexandrescu modern design

Correction – By the way C++ did get great support for threads now simplifies the job so much  Boy, I love this language

Not so many reasons Why C++ sucks..

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