Welcome to my website. I am seasoned coder, mentor, corporate trainer, consultant and a born leader..yes you might think I am boasting. Well this is my blog…I think this is my right…Don’t agree? Create your own and try it..It really works 🙂
Writing software for last 12 years in various domains..I work in different stacks and software architecture is my area of speciality..worked in c++, java, c#, scala, play vert.x, spring, nosql blah blah blah.

Always exploring new languages and tools to make sure that I do not loose touch, to ensure that I delivery high quality software within reasonable cost at all times.
Love TDD, BDD, Agile and more than anything simplicity..

And yes I don’t copy paste my blog..You know what I mean;-)

Normally I am very helpful so if you need some do get in touch.

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