Microservice guidelines

Microservice When to expose a new microservice? Microservice has to expose a well defined functionality with significant code. It’s difficult to define what is significant code so how to make a decision about new microservice. If some service is turning into monolith. Various kind of functionality being added frequently into service Performance is becoming aContinue reading “Microservice guidelines”

Master Worker Architecture using Vert.x

  Today I am going to explain how Vert.x can be used for creating distributed Master Worker Paradigm. In large scale systems it’s applicable to wide variety of problems. First – Just to refresh our memories about what Vert.x is Vert.x as we know is a lightweight framework for creating distributed microservices. It can saleContinue reading “Master Worker Architecture using Vert.x”

Code Quality Guidelines

Coding guidelines are extremely important part of a professional developer’s day to day practices. Following these guidelines differentiate between an experienced developer and a rookie. It surprises me that so many companies still ignore them and produce poor quality code that results in very expensive maintenance over the period and is so fragile that every time youContinue reading “Code Quality Guidelines”

MicroService Architecture

Here is a microservice architecture deployment diagram. All Services are docker containers which are registered to Consul Server via Registrator. Client (External – Mobile, UI) makes a call to Bouncer which is our API Proxy. Bouncer has all permissions configured on API URLs. It makes a call to Auth Server which authenticates the request andContinue reading “MicroService Architecture”

Serverless Architecture – AWS Lambda

I want to write this post about my views about serverless architecture (specifically AWS Lambda) which all cloud service providers like AWS are promoting as “holy grail” for solving all problems.  This post is targeting developers who understand that every technology has a limitation and its wise to make an informed decision Before I startContinue reading “Serverless Architecture – AWS Lambda”

Apache Kafka – Simple Tutorial

  In this post I want to highlight my fascination with Kafka and its usage. Kafka is a broker just like “RabbitMQ” or “JMS”. So what’s the difference? Difference are: It is distributed it is fault tolerant – because of messages being replicated across the cluster It does one thing and one thing only i.e.Continue reading “Apache Kafka – Simple Tutorial”

Why Kafka?

Today Many companies in startup world are completely dependent on AWS infrastructure. Its a good strategy since you do not have to manage your own infrastructure and saves you from lot of headache. Today we will discuss a bit about brokers available in AWS infrastructure. AWS has mainly 2 types of broker offering a. SQSContinue reading “Why Kafka?”