Master Worker Architecture using Vert.x

  Today I am going to explain how Vert.x can be used for creating distributed Master Worker Paradigm. In large scale systems it’s applicable to wide variety of problems. First – Just to refresh our memories about what Vert.x is Vert.x as we know is a lightweight framework for creating distributed microservices. It can saleContinue reading “Master Worker Architecture using Vert.x”

MicroService Architecture

Here is a microservice architecture deployment diagram. All Services are docker containers which are registered to Consul Server via Registrator. Client (External – Mobile, UI) makes a call to Bouncer which is our API Proxy. Bouncer has all permissions configured on API URLs. It makes a call to Auth Server which authenticates the request andContinue reading “MicroService Architecture”

Apache Kafka – Simple Tutorial

  In this post I want to highlight my fascination with Kafka and its usage. Kafka is a broker just like “RabbitMQ” or “JMS”. So what’s the difference? Difference are: It is distributed it is fault tolerant – because of messages being replicated across the cluster It does one thing and one thing only i.e.Continue reading “Apache Kafka – Simple Tutorial”

Kafka Cluster Setup

from my own experience I find that while setting up kafka cluster on AWS we face some issues so just want to highlight them. a. First setup zookeeper cluster. Let’s say 3 node cluster. Modify each node zoo.conf to publish ip address as internal IP address.<internal aws ip1>:2888:3888<internal aws ip2>:2888:3888<internal aws ip3>:2888:3888Continue reading “Kafka Cluster Setup”