Flipkart – Big Billion day and Scalability problems

Recently flipkart created quite a buzzword in Indian e-commerce industry. They sold 600cr Rs worth of goods in a matter of 10 hours as per their official statement. I want to focus my thoughts on tech side since I fail to understand how regularly they see outages and what they are doing to fix itContinue reading “Flipkart – Big Billion day and Scalability problems”

No SQL and it’s importance

Just attended a conference at thoughtworks office in Delhi. It was a great talk. Neal Ford was phenomenal and he really showed how technical presentations should be given. They do not have to be boring. To my surprise he has also written a book about presentations. Anyways, coming to the point. Talk started with introduction to NoContinue reading “No SQL and it’s importance”

Software architecture and it’s importance

This post is about understanding architecture of an application and it’s role in web application development. I have worked in various domains writing softwares. All of us know that although developing software for each business domain throws new challenges and their needs differ vastly but there are many tools and systems which are used commonlyContinue reading “Software architecture and it’s importance”